Spring Hair Inspo: The Long Wavy Bob

A good haircut can be life changing. Walking out of the salon with my hair freshly washed, cut, and styled makes me feel like a whole new woman. So with spring right around the corner, there’s an added need for a brand new cut and style. There are lots of enviable spring hair looks this season, but my personal favorite is the long wavy bob. It’s easy to style, gives you fun layers to play with, and is perfect for when the weather gets warmer.

The Cut

The long bob or “lob” is my favorite haircut for spring this year. I love how fresh and lightweight it is! The length makes it relatively low upkeep, which is great for any busy-body (like myself) that doesn’t always have the time to straighten or curl long hair, but still wants some length to play with. The cut is also perfect for when the weather turns warmer, because it’s not too heavy or long.

I have very thick hair, so to achieve this look I ask my stylist to cut right around my shoulders and to do very long layers. Make sure that the layers are blended well so it doesn’t look like uneven blunt chops. The lightness from your layers will help give you the volume to style it. (Personally, I also ask for my hair to be thinned out, because the back is so thick.)

Bring some photos and ideas with you so your stylist can help decide the best way to give you this look. I had been searching for perfect examples for a while and had my Pinterest hairstyle board at the ready when she asked me what I wanted!

The Style

To style this spring hair look focus on achieving a slightly mussed up curl. While you can absolutely keep your hair straight, I love how it looks when its a little wavy, messy, and textured.

My stylist divided my hair half up, half down, and then split side to side. She took a curling iron similar to this Hot Tools wand and lightly wrapped the ends of my hair for a few seconds. Afterwards, she ran her hands through and messed it up a little so it looked less uniform. If your hair doesn’t hold the waves or volume, consider using a sea salt spray like Drybar’s Mai Tai Spritzer for added texture.

Abby Schuster
Abby Schuster

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  1. March 11, 2019 / 10:52 am

    Love this easy to style haircut… so light for spring!

    • Abby Schuster
      March 11, 2019 / 11:13 am

      Thank you! It was so nice to tell my stylist to just chop it off!

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