Cutest Neutral Summer Wedges Under $100

Cutest Neutral Summer Wedges Under $100

As seen in my last post, I recently purchased a pair of new summer wedges. They’re from Lucky and I got them on sale. (Win!) I was in desperate need of some neutral wedges, and these were perfect. I typically opt for a richer brown leather color, but I wanted to go for something different this time around.

For shoes that I know will get a lot of wear, I don’t drop a ton of money on them. They aren’t investment pieces, but rather more useable ones. Nordstrom always has a ton of nude wedges on sale, so look there for some great styles and brands.

While I couldn’t find my specific pair online, I found a pair that is almost identical. The only thing different is that it has a small buckle on the side. You can get the shoe doppelgangers HERE. (Sorry, they’re not on sale 🙁)

Neutral colored wedges are some of my most used summer shoes! They go with almost everything and are relatively comfortable. They spice up jeans and pair nicely with a dress. (Plus they make your legs look super long!) Below are some of my favorite picks for summer that are all under $100. My favorite pair from the list below are these Steve Madden one’s that are under $40.

No worries if the shoes look a different color in the widget, all options come in a nude color.

Shop Neutral Wedges:

What’s your go to style for wedges – neutral or colorful? Sound off below or send me a message, I’d love to hear what your go to summer style for shoes is!


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