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WOW. Just wow, you guys!

One full year of Abundance of Abby. A full year of sharing my life with the internet. It’s just so crazy to me. I had made a couple of blogs before (middle school/high school), but I had never told anyone, because I was afraid I would get made fun of for it. Oh what I would tell that little 14 year old. Funny enough a couple of months ago I actually found one of my first blogs. I thought I had deleted it, but apparently not. Very funny, but oh so cringe worthy😂 Needless to say, I made sure it was deleted now.

I’m so glad my roommates (Hey Em & Syd!!) pushed me to actually make and publish this. I remember sitting on mine and Sydney’s bunk bed last year fiddling with my computer and procrastinating on buying this domain name. So Emily and Sydney – you guys are the first people I want to thank. I also want to thank all of my Iowa friends. Claire helped me with one of my first posts by modeling for me, most of the Stanley Hall (floor 7) gals were my first subscribers, and so many of the girls in my sorority were incredibly supportive. Big shoutout to Ash and Sarah (my big and twin) for always encouraging me!!

I also want to take a minute to thank my family. A lot of my photos are taken by my family and half of the content wouldn’t be what it is without them. (Sorry I don’t give you guys more photo credit – majority of it actually goes to my mom and to Nick!!!) But seriously, my whole family puts up with me documenting our lives and setting up my tri-pod and turning our family room into a photography studio, because “it has the best lighting for flat lays!!”

I’ve grown so much since creating my website, and I think that really shows in the content and website itself. In my opinion, it looks much more put together than the original design. It changes as I do, and I love it!! I’ve had the opportunity to meet some amazing people, make some terrific online friendships, and work with awesome brands. I feel so lucky that I get to do this.

Lastly, I want to thank every single person who has stopped by my little corner of the internet. I love getting a notification that I have a new subscriber or that my stats are booming. It makes me smile and seriously warms my heart. I love you guys. Please always feel like you can reach out to me. I love being able to connect with you guys and I love getting emails from my readers about everything from college to clothes.

I’m really excited to be diving head first into blogging again and really committing to giving you all the best content possible! I put together a Google Form, so if you could take a minute and give me some feedback I would really appreciate it. It helps me provide the best content for you guys!


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