Adding Care/Of Vitamins Into My Daily Routine – Review + Promo Code

Adding Care/Of Vitamins Into My Daily Routine – Review + Promo Code

Last year when I went off to college, my mom made sure that I had a bunch of vitamins and supplements to take with me. I had a skin, hair, and nails gummy, I had a calcium chew, and a multivitamin. At school, I also ended up buying some gummy fish oil vitamins to help with my skin. (I got the fruit flavored ones, because I think fish oil is so grody 😂) Needless to say I was stocked on vitamins for a while, but once they ran out and I came back home the only vitamin I successfully kept up with taking was the fish oil.

Oops, my b. 

How It Works:

I’ve been wanting to lead a healthier life, and when I heard about care/of I was so excited to try their daily vitamin packets. I was very impressed with how personal their website was in helping me pick out exactly what I needed. You start out by taking a quiz (it’s less than 5 minutes long), that asks you questions about current supplement usage, your age and other demographic questions, and the reasons you want to take vitamins. For me, I had 3 things that I wanted to target with their vitamins; my skin, because it’s acne prone, calcium or something similar for bones, because I don’t eat a lot of dairy, and something to keep me from getting sick as easy, because I work in a hospital. I took the quiz and they recommended a couple of different vitamins and supplements. What I really like is that you don’t have to get what they recommend. You are free to remove products, browse other categories, and add what you want to your daily pack.

They have multiple categories that you can focus on including:

  • Brain
  • Energy
  • Heart
  • Immunity
  • Skin 
  • Digestion
  • Stress
  • Bones
  • Prenatal 

What’s In My Daily Pack:

  • Vitamin C – A part of their immunity group, I got this to keep me from getting sick at work. I only felt under the weather once since I’ve used it, so I’m calling this a win. 
  • Evening Primrose – Like I said before, I have acne prone skin and over the summer I thought it was really under control. I could wear no makeup and felt like my skin was glowing. This winter however, it flared up again, so I gave this a try. I’ve seen less breakouts, which is really great!
  • Calcium Plus – I don’t eat a ton of dairy, so I opted for a calcium supplement. I wanted to keep my bones strong, and this also has vitamins D and K in it to help with absorption. 

My Experience And Thoughts:

The pros definitely outweigh the cons with this subscription service. It’s very in depth and is great for a variety of problems. The team behind this brand clearly is passionate about what they do and I find it awesome how they show which products their own team uses on the “About” page. The website goes into depth about each product and even gives you facts from trial groups. This also made it easier in picking out which products to add to my pack. Speaking of the packs, I LOVE how portable they are. I usually take them in the morning after breakfast, but if I was running late to class or work I would just put the pack in my bag, head out the door, and take them when it’s convenient. I also got a kick out of the little fun fact or challenge that is on each personalized pack. It’s a super fun way to start off the day. 

The only con for me was remembering to take them every day. My pack had 5 individual vitamins in it, and some days I just wouldn’t think to do it. I ended up moving the dispenser by my door so when I left my room I would have them with me. Other than that, I honestly can’t think of a con. It’s fairly fool proof and I noticed results! What more could you ask for?

Overall, I would definitely recommend this brand to anyone who is looking to try some new vitamins or get a little healthier. Huge thank you to Care/Of for being so generous and sending me these vitamins to try. However, they weren’t done there. They were feeling even more generous and wanted to give my readers a discount code for 25% off your first month of vitamins! Use the code ABBY25 at checkout. 


Abby Schuster
Abby Schuster

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