What We Would Tell Our Younger Selves

What We Would Tell Our Younger Selves

“Despite what your feelings may be telling you, the pain you’re experiencing may be a chapter in your life, but it will not be all there is to your life. Don’t let your thoughts confuse a chapter with the whole book.” – Brittney Moses

I decided to write a different piece for Abundance of Abby.  I hope this blog post touches you as you read it, the same way it did for me while I read everyone’s stories and typed them out. To everyone who helped me – thank you. I appreciate you trusting me to write and post your innermost thoughts. Some confessions are heartbreaking. Others all beautiful. All are a reminder to be kind to yourself. 

What We Would Say

  • “I’d tell myself to not worry so much about pleasing other people, because there are going to be people you can’t please. And they might have opinions about you that you can’t change, but just remember that those aren’t neccesarily the opinions that count!”
  • “The little things that seem like a big deal now (that we constantly think about) won’t matter in 5, 10 years. And that life does get better after junior high and high school.”
  • “You are not fat or ugly and it’s killing your mom that you look at yourself that way. It’s killing you more, though. You are going to learn how to love yourself when you’re older and life will become so beautiful.”
  • “I would tell her not to be afraid to take risks. You need to take risks to experience new things. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there because you might find that other people appreciate you being the first to talk. I would also tell her to put more effort into the things you do, and to not complain so much.”
  • “Listen to your parents, they love you so much. And they will be right about EVERYTHING!!”
  •  “I would tell my younger self to not think so much about the little things that are occurring right now. To look at the bigger picture of things, because that would have made me so much happier if I did that.”
  • “If I could tell my younger self anything it would be to ask for help when I realized I was developing an eating disorder. I’m bulimic and I silently struggled with that for a long time and I wish I could tell 13 year old me that it is okay to ask for help.”
  • “You won’t regret being nicer to your sister and spending more time with your parents. You will never be too cool for your family. Tell them you love them and hug them tight.”
  • “One thing I would go back and tell my younger self would be that you are stronger than you can even imagine. Growing up, we are constantly filled with self doubt or the feeling of never being enough. Our schedules are packed tight with academics, extracurricular activities, and balancing these with our relationships with family and friends. When life throws curveballs at us that interrupts this balance, we are facing a very stressful and tough situation that sometimes leaves us feeling as though we are not strong enough to handle it. But, you are stronger than you think. You will over come the constant challenges that will shake your “perfect” life.” Trusting in yourself is key to overcome this. Even though it may seem like the end of the world when your friend group shifts, an injury occurs, a dream is unattainable, or you do not ace that exam that you studied insanely hard for, you will persevere.”
  • “Always remember that the good people will win in the end. Unfortunately, the saying, “Why does bad things happen to good people,” will come off your tongue more than you will ever expect. However, those inherently good people will continue to be the warriors that rise in the face of challenges.”
  • “I would tell my younger self not to worry what others think of me. I am never going to please everyone.”
  • “I would tell myself to stand up for more peers growing up. We all fall victim to being someone who just stands by and watches and I should have intervened more. I can’t go back and change anything, but to everyone reading this – BE KIND. It is so important to stand up for each other and to be positive and supportive with each other. In the end we are all just human.
  • “I would want myself to go on more adventures! Be spontaneous and try fun, new things. You really do only live once!”

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

Thank you all so much for reading and for sending me your thoughts. I hope you enjoyed this different piece and that it made you stop and think.



Abby Schuster
Abby Schuster

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