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After thinking about what I want to write in the coming weeks, I realized that a lot of high school seniors (now college freshman) will end up rushing and going through sorority recruitment, so I wanted to share my own perspective and tips in an upcoming mini “sorority series” if you will. I’m super excited to share my own experiences with everyone and maybe shed a little more light on everything that is Greek Life.

Today I’m sharing just a little something for those in the Greek life currently and those who know someone in Greek life. If you don’t know much about being a part of a sorority or fraternity, I can guarantee that you do know how proud students are to be wearing their letters and to be a part of a special legacy. Why else would that girl in your 8 am rhetoric class be wearing an oversized tee shirt with her letters to almost every class?

I’m really happy to be partnering with The Collegiate Standard. They offer so many cute sorority, fraternity, and everyday jewelry. It’s very affordable and great for big-little surprises, bid day gifts, or a little something for yourself!! I have the Delta Delta Delta Sunshine Ring and I really love it. The company also has phenomenal customer service and is so personable, which I think is so important in this day and age.

If you are interested in ordering anything from this company, make sure to use my code at checkout REPABBY15. You can get 15% off by using that!! Like I said, this website has great gifts to give your friend or family members in Greek life or if you want something for yourself!

To all of my Greek guys and gals out there, if you have a go to site to get your Greek life gear, let me know!! 




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