Apartment and Dorm Room Spring Style: Sucker for Succulents

Apartment and Dorm Room Spring Style: Sucker for Succulents

With Spring’s recent arrival, I’ve been itching to get outside. But the Midwest’s gloomy March weather has made that a little difficult. The spring cleaning bug has also bit me, and I’ve been scouring Pinterest and Instagram for ideas on how to spruce up my room and reorganize. One  recent home style trend that I love is minimalistic indoor decor paired with lots of succulents or house plants. I’m sure many of you have seen little indoor house plants sitting perfectly on envy-worthy desks all over the internet, exuding a collective trendiness and a calming, natural presence. I personally have been obsessed with the tiny succulents that have little rosettes.

I sat down with Anne, the owner of MOSS, an adorable and trendy plant and succulent shop, about why succulents have become such a trend and why they are the perfect decoration for anyone.

(I’m looking at you, lazy college student with zero green thumb whatsoever!) 

The shop is filled to the brim with house plants, cacti, pots, candles, and “fairy gardens.” Anne has always been drawn to succulents and plants and started all of this with frequent visits to farmers markets where she would sell a wide variety of plants. Now, she specializes and sells low care house plants in multiple locations. 

Right off the bat, I asked the question that first popped into my mind when I got the idea for this blog post.

“Why are succulents and house plants such a trend now?” 

“They have such a clean and neat shape and they’re so easy to care for!” Anne told me. We both agreed that they were aesthetically pleasing and that because they’re cute, more people are choosing to use them as decor.

After reading on Pinterest that air purifying plants were the new “need to have item of spring”, I wanted to find out their benefits and what types they recommended. “I think that the colors have a real affect on people. It’s calming and serene,” Anne said when asked what was something good that comes out of buying one of these plants, aside from the fact it’s literally cleaning out the air around you.

Air Purifying Plant Suggestions:
    • Rubber Plant 
    • Spider Plant
    • Snake Plant (also known as “mother-in-law’s tongue”)
    • Aloe Vera
    • Peace Lily
    • English Ivy

One really popular concept for styling succulents is the desert garden. In a little clear bowl or terrarium you can add rocks, sand, succulents, and cacti! Or when styling in a glass container, include gemstones and geodes for some color. One of the complimentary color pairings I noticed throughout the store was purple with pink accents. These complimented the green plants and looked really nice!

If you don’t want the flowery or leafy succulents for your dorm or apartment try cacti. They vary in size and don’t need as much care as the other plants do. In fact, they need so little water compared to most succulents, that they can flourish with being watered once a month by a single ice cube! (Depending on the size of the cacti.) 

Another low care plant includes the Haworthia, which needs low light and to be watered about once a month.

Some things to remember and keep in mind when looking for your newest addition to your home are:

  • Blue and purple flowers will need more bright and direct sunlight.
  • Fatter leaves = easier care!! This is typically because they are more robust and have more water storage in the leaves. And you will easily know when they need to be watered. Their leaves will begin to look like they are shriveling up. No worries, they will bounce back after you water them. (A lot of succulents are super hard to kill!)
  • If you are moving your plant into a glass container that doesn’t have holes make sure you limit the amount of water given. You can do this by watering with ice cubes (like cacti), so that the water does not build up over time at the bottom of your container and give your plant “root rot.”

Hope I’ve given you some ideas on how to style succulents and why it’s so perfect for busy college kids. I now have my own succulent thanks to the lovely ladies at MOSS. Fingers crossed I don’t kill it, because I’m hoping this cute little guy sticks around!


Abby Schuster
Abby Schuster

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