Disclosure + Privacy Policy

I believe in being 100% authentic and 100% upfront. So with that being said I give you *drum roll* a disclosure statement!! (Super exciting, right?!)


This blog is written, edited, and created by me. All opinions I post on here are entirely my own.

This blog accepts forms of compensation and will abide by FTC policy to disclose when I am working with a company, when a company is sponsoring a post, and when I post an ad.

Just because I could be compensated for writing a post, I would not post something I didn’t truly like. I believe that giving my honest opinion is what makes Abundance of Abby great and will be straightforward with my opinions and reviews.

Abundance of Abby is apart of affiliate programs, where I use links that direct a customer to a product I am using or enjoy, in which I could be compensated for. This means that if you click a link or purchase that product, I may recieve a commission.

Privacy is a priority for Abundance of Abby and I do have multiple plugins that collect data on my site. I also have plugins that allow you to subscribe to my blog via WordPress. This allows me to personalize content, measure statistics,  and provide content that you want to see! If I ever feel that personal data is being misused or has been compromised, I will review and report this. If you ever feel that you do not wish for me to have your information anymore, simply unsubscribe! No hard – no foul!!



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