FAQ + Get To Know Me

Having this creative outlet has provided me with so many amazing opportunities and I could not feel more blessed. A while back, I had made a blog post about my most frequently asked questions, but now I feel it deserves it’s own page so new readers can get to know me just as easily.

  • “How many times have you moved and where is your favorite place you’ve lived?”

That is a really good question! So technically I have moved 4 times, lived in 5 different cities, and 4 different states. My favorite state to have lived in is Michigan. I currently live here and lived here during my elementary school years. Almost all of my family is also from Michigan, so even when I didn’t live here it’s felt like home.

  • “Do you get paid to blog?”

I do have the opportunity to receive products or compensation from a company or affiliate links. I consider myself very fortunate in that way. However, all reviews and statements written are my own opinion. You can read more about this on my disclosure page.

  • “Where do you go to college and what is your major?”

I go to Grand Valley State University (Go Lakers!!) and I am planning on getting my bachelors degree in Marketing. I am also studying to receive an Advertising and Public Relations minor.

  • “How would you describe your style?”

This question has been updated since the OG post. My style has really been changing lately. I like to think I have a classic meets trendy sense of style. As I get older, I’m working on investing in high quality timeless pieces that will last me for years, while keeping my trendier pieces to provide that little extra touch to an outfit. But, I’m also your regular college kid. You can catch me wearing leggings and sweatshirts (“college-chic”) to my 8 am accounting lectures.

  • “What do you hope to do with Abundance of Abby in the future?”

I would love to keep growing the blog and expanding it. I’ve recently started making YouTube videos to incorporate into my website and blog posts. I really enjoy being able to connect with people and brands, and even if I’m only reaching a handful of meaningful readers then I’m very happy with the content I’ve created.

Well folks, there you have it. Just a couple random things to give you a better look at the girl behind the laptop. If you want to get to know me further, check out the YouTube video below!


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