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Having this creative outlet has provided me with so many amazing opportunities and I couldn’t feel more blessed. I made this post months ago, but decided it was better as it’s own page. I’ve compiled questions sent in from my Instagram and Facebook, as well as some really fun questions that I found online. Hope you enjoy getting to know me a little better!

  • “How many times have you moved and where is your favorite place you’ve lived?”

This is a really good question! So technically I have moved 4 times, lived in 5 different cities and 4 different states. The first move was when I was really little and that was from Ohio to Michigan. Most of our family is from Michigan, so I know my parents were very happy to move back. I then lived on the East side of Michigan for about 10 years, and then we moved to Wisconsin. I lived in Wisco for all of middle school and high school (7 years), and then I went to Iowa for my freshman year of college. I’m gonna count this as a move, since I left home and was in a completely different state. While I was at Iowa, my family moved back to Michigan to the West side of the state. This was a factor in me transferring colleges and now here I am in Grand Haven! It’s hard to pick my favorite place I’ve lived, because each part played such an important part of my life. Wisconsin was my teenage years, but Michigan was my childhood. I am going to choose Michigan, however, just because I have a closer bond to the state itself and out of the two I would call it home.

  • “Do you get paid to blog?”

I do have the opportunity to receive products or compensation from a company or affiliate links. I consider myself very fortunate that way. However, all reviews and statements written are my own opinion. You can read more about this on my disclosure page.

  • “Where do you go to college and what are you planning to major in?

I go to Grand Valley State University (Go Lakers!!) and I am planning on getting my bachelors degree in marketing. If I have the time, I’m also hoping to receive a minor in advertising and public relations as well! 

  • “Are you still apart of Delta Delta Delta even though your campus doesn’t have a chapter?”

Yes I am! I really love my sorority and because I was in good standing when I left I am still a member. I’m like a floater without a home. However, I’ll still be able to go through our senior ceremony during my senior year of college either at my previous chapter or one nearby.

  • “How would you describe your style?”

My style has definitely been changing a bit recently. I like to think I have a more classic sense of style. As I get older, I’m making sure that my wardrobe consists of pieces that I hope will last for a while and can be worn and styled for years. During the school year, I’m like any college kid and wear leggings and sweatshirts (“college-chic” if you will), but I love a good romper and dress, as well. 

  • “Do you have any siblings?”

I have two brothers, Nick (17) and Evan (14). I’m really really lucky that we all are so close!

  • “What do you hope to do with Abundance of Abby in the future?”

I would love to keep growing the blog and expanding it! I have so many ideas for the future including giveaways, collaborations, making YouTube videos. I really enjoy being able to connect with people and brands and if I’m making even a couple of people’s days then I’m very happy with the content I’ve created.


  • “Are you a dog person or a cat person?”

Definitely a dog person. You can never go wrong with a good doggo. They warm my heart like no other. I have an aussiedoodle named Sydnie – follow her on Instagram!


Well folks, there you have it. Just a couple random things to give you a better look at who’s behind the laptop.


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