Prioritizing Self Care This Summer

I’ve always been a huge advocate of self care, but I’m not so good at always following through with it and listening to my own advice. However, lately I’ve been actively trying to prioritize myself and make sure that I’m not spreading myself too thin. (#peoplepleaserprobs)

While deciding what to write after my almost month long hiatus from the blog, I took a cue from my own life and wanted to write about something everyone could use a reminder on. We all get burned out from time to time and finding ways to prioritize yourself is something that everyone should take some time to do.

When most people think of self care, they automatically think of a spa day or unwinding with a face mask or bubble bath. I love all of these things as much as the next girl, but self care is so much more than that. Self care is allowing yourself to grow and putting yourself at the top of your to do list. I read a great quote once that said self care isn’t selfish, but it’s self respect and self love.

Disconnect But Don’t Disengage

I took a little time off from social media and gradually cut back over the past month. I kept comparing myself and my life to others and comparing numbers that literally mean nothing in the real world. I didn’t completely avoid social media, but I made sure I was on it less and I took some time to focus on the here and now. Whenever I felt myself reaching for my phone to mindlessly scroll, I actively made sure to put it away for a while and read. (I’ve gotten through 2 new books this past month!!) In this heading I put “Don’t Disengage,” and what I meant by that was to do more than just liking and commenting on friends pictures, but to take some time to FaceTime or call them. (You could even go the extra mile and write them a letter! Snail mail is my favorite!) Taking time off from social media was a really good way to stop comparing myself to others and to ultimately make me think more positively throughout the day.


Clutter is one of my biggest stressors. Whether it’s cluttered thoughts or my actual messy closet, I feel that I focus better when everything is straightened out and organized. I’ve dubbed myself the #organizationqueen but I’m also the person who lets everything get unorganized when I’m busy and then ends up freaking out because I can’t find something when I really need it. Take on a couple of big tasks a month and watch your life get a little easier day by day. In addition to taking on a project like clearing out your closet, do a couple of small things a day. Make your bed, don’t just set  and leave things on your desk, and pick up anything left on the ground. Taking a couple of minutes a day to do little tasks will make a big difference in your sanity in the long run.

Don’t Procrastinate

I thrive under pressure, which is great. Want to know what’s not great? Creating that pressure by putting things off to the last minute. Procrastination is another big stressor for almost everyone and is something that can be easily fixed. Plan things out to fit into your schedule, buy an agenda, don’t get sucked into the YouTube or Netflix hole, and tell yourself to work for just another 10 minutes. These are all really simple and a great way to avoid the Sunday scaries.

Create A Designated Relaxation Time

Make it a weekly priority to find one hour where you can relax and focus on you. Take this time to do something that you really love. For me, I’ve been trying to find an hour or so a week to take Sydnie on a hike. It’s great exercise and I love being with just my thoughts and my dog. Maybe there’s a weekly bible study you can join, one morning a week where you go to the golf course, or your weekly Netflix and bubble bath. Whatever it is, try to be consistent and prioritize that one hour or so a day. Bonus points if you pick up a new hobby you’ve been wanting to try!

Remember to take some time to do what makes your soul happy and to prioritize yourself. How are you planning on taking care of yourself this summer? 



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