Trying Aerial Yoga For The First Time – What You Should Know + Why You Should Try It

Trying Aerial Yoga For The First Time – What You Should Know + Why You Should Try It

Today I spent my day at Lakeshore Yoga, here in Grand Haven to try out a type of yoga I’ve never done before – aerial yoga. I was so excited as we drove to the studio and after watching videos online I was ready to get in shape and be soaring above the ground.

I worked with Carey, who answered a lot of my questions, and made me feel right at home. After showing me around the facility and talking with me about all of the benefits (which I will dive further into later in this post) she started to demonstrate some of her favorite poses and moves. It was intimidating at first – I’m not gonna lie. Carey let me know that aerial yoga is usually for someone a little more advanced/well versed and used to yoga. She reassured me that I would probably be alright, because of my strong background in dance. This naturally made me feel better, but then she began to effortlessly go from position to position and even ended up upside down. To which I thought, “Yeah right will I look like that today.”

But boy did I surprise myself!!

My background in dance definitely helped me out, and some of the muscles that I haven’t used in a while thanked me for bringing them back to work. One of the questions I first asked Carey was, “What if I don’t have upper body strength?” Yes, I was slightly joking. But also part of me kept thinking, “Seriously when was the last time you did an upper arm workout Abby?!” To that she reassured me by saying, “I create classes that are easily accessible to most everyone. You will build that upper body strength and core. I feel that between your body weight and gravity, you are able to open in more ways than ground level yoga.”

Now Carey is a complete pro, she started this 20 years ago after she had her son. She had started a day care and would turn on the tv to the Oxygen channel and every morning they had a show called “Inhale with Yoga Steve!” She fell in love with how she felt after. So the kids started to do it with her! The rest is history.

Aerial yoga is relatively new to me, but Lakeshore has been offering the class for over three years! When seeing her flip upside down, and also seeing the single hooks attaching the silks, one might wonder how safe aerial yoga actually is. “I try to make it as safe as possible, but of course you can get hurt trying many different activities like zip lining, bungee jumping, para sailing, even boating. We go step by step and make sure everyone is confident and okay.” Having someone so well versed in yoga made me feel a lot safer, especially as we began to climb the silks and bend it like Beckham. Now I’m sure you want to see more pictures of the class and the cool tricks I learned, but first let me tell you some of the questions I had answered and all that I learned today.

“Why should more people try yoga in general?”

“More people should do yoga this year, because it is beneficial for every person. It doesn’t matter what size, age, gender, or religion. It helps us reconnect with our natural healing tendency’s when we slow down and find the inter light of awareness!”

“What is your favorite type of yoga?”

“I love all types of yoga, I float back and forth from many different styles, it depends on the day and mood. I love do it all!”

“So what makes aerial yoga so beneficial? You know besides the fact that it looks so cool.”

“Aerial yoga is beneficial because you feel amazing floating, flying finding a deep sense of freedom. It empowers you with the postures you can put yourself in and how much it expands and opens the body and then releases the mind of fear. Gravity is an amazing thing when you can play with it. It also builds your immune system with all the inversions you doing.

“How many classes does Lakeshore offer?”
“We offer between 22 and 27 yoga classes a week ranging from Reston restore yen yoga (all levels), Vinyasa Vin/Yin, Ashanga yoga, A new one we call “happy hour”, kickasana, (this is 1/2 toning class with the silks), beginners yoga, and another new one aroma chakra power, and of course aerial. With all of these classes you’re sure to find something that fits for you.
After talking with her throughout the class, she explained how classes are offered 7 days a week to accompany so many different busy schedules. College kids this means that we can find time between living at the library and binging on Netflix to get a fun workout class in!!
“What is a typical yoga class like here?”
“A typical class experience is coming in with comfortable clothes, finding your spot in the room, rolling out your yoga mat, grabbing some props that you may need during the class, and allowing yourself the space and time to be present with your breath and body. Leaving the rest of your day behind – the worries and the concerns. We set aside time for breathing or possibly finding stillness. Depending on what class you’re in, each class usually starts with an intention that you may want to bring in. The end of each class you do a deep relaxation which is like any other exercise style out there!”
“What should I wear and bring to class?”
“When coming to yoga you want to wear the most comfortable clothes that you can stretch and move easily in. Bring a water bottle and a yoga mat if you have one. (Typically we have ones borrow). If you prefer your own blanket you can bring it, otherwise we have props to assist you in feeling comfortable and supported in every way.”
I had such an amazing and wonderful time with Carey learning all about aerial yoga and the process of becoming more in touch with my natural self. I felt so alive and rejuvenated after our little session today. After my first big pose hold, I remember feeling so light and confident to try the new stuff. “Overcoming fear is a lot of this. It’s a big confidence booster. It makes you feel successful and almost triumphant that you could conquer this.”
Thank you so much to Lakeshore Yoga for having me. If you’re interested in trying any type of yoga at Lakeshore, you can find their webpage HERE. I can’t recommend this place enough and Carey is truly fantastic. I left in such a great mood and I know I will be back there very soon!!



Abby Schuster
Abby Schuster

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