Grand Haven Lighthouse And South Pier In The Winter

What a day! *insert heart eye emoji*

Tuesday’s are now my “content creation day,” as my schedule got switched around very last minute and now my class is later in the day. (This frees up my morning/mid afternoon.) So today, I spent that time adventuring around on frozen Lake Michigan and Grand Haven’s State Park beach. It’s an unusually “warm” day in Michigan, meaning that it’s almost 40° out!  We hiked for a while and made it to the pier which we explored more of.

Outfit Details:

Knit Green Sweater (similar) | The North Face Coat | Navy Leggings (similar) | Knit Grey Scarf (similar) | Bean Boots

The little red “house” you see behind me is also part of the South Pier and is actually a foghouse as well. While normally this isn’t accessible to the public (there are resurfacing projects and the catwalk is being rebuilt) all of the snow and ice allowed us to venture out there.

If you can’t tell from all of the photos, the lake surrounding us is almost completely frozen!! Only chunks of ice and show remain!

All in all, it was a really fun adventure filled day. But between you and me, I prefer the beach with more sand and less snow!





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