Winter Accessories You Need This January

I love the song Baby It’s Cold Outside. Quite truthfully, it’s probably my favorite Christmas song. But this cold is slowly killing me. Since we moved a year ago, we still have a lot of boxes in our garages, so while there should be room for my parents cars and mine, my poor Lucy (yes, we named my car) has been freezing in our driveway each night. Let me tell you, scraping off your car at 6:30 am for work is quite the wake up call. We’ve gotten more snow everyday since the 23rd. Let’s calm down now lake effect.

So if you’re also dying thanks to the snow and ice, I’ve put together some super cute winter accessories to keep you looking cute and feeling warm.




In addition to the cute accessories here, as always I would totally recommend checking out Love Your Melon!! I’m sure all of you are a bit sick of me spewing my love for LYM everywhere, but seriously it’s so cute and goes to such a great cause. (Plus it’s made in the USA!)
Now I need to grab a cup of hot cocoa and bundle up, because there’s a high of 19 degrees and a good chance of snow. I’m hoping you’ve found some cute pieces for your wardrobe and that you’re staying warm while it’s so cold out!!




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