August Style: Summer Weekends

I’ve been trying to spend the past few weeks outside, soaking up as much of the August sun I can. Whether that’s been at the Coast Guard Festival, on the East side of the state with family, or just in my own backyard, I’ve been savoring each moment this summer. With just a couple weeks left leading up to my first semester of sophomore year, I’ve been one busy bee! (Which is one of the main reasons I haven’t been able to post as often – I’m working on it, I pinky promise!)

Thank goodness I’ve ordered my agenda, because my whole life is seriously planned in there. I keep school related notes, job schedules, and my editorial calendar all packed in there. I had been waiting to pick one up, because I hadn’t felt like I had found the perfect one, but I finally deiced on the Lilly Pulitzer agenda in Beach Bae. I cannot wait for it to arrive!

In the meantime, I’ve had some other exciting packages arrive. It’s such a good feeling to open up a package that gets delivered – it’s like Christmas all year round! I received the cutest package filled with an outfit perfect for the end of August. If you check out my Instagram stories, you would have seen the adorable packing from Peggy Green on Monday. And let me tell ya, the outfit inside was just as cute.


Outfit Details:

Willa Dress in Baltimore Blue (c/o), Pom Pom Clutch (c/o), Kristen Earrings in Turquoise (c/o), and Tommy Hilfiger Sandals (no longer available, similar here)

I wore the dress to Sunday morning church, then my family and I headed over to the beach to see if any sand sculptures had been left from the contest the day before. (Seriously, my city is too cool.) Sadly, none were left, but in their place was a bunch of little kids making there own sand castles with plastic buckets and shovels.

The clutch is perfect for summer and I’m going to use it as much as I can in these last couple of August weeks. I’m not a huge pom pom person, but recently it’s been growing on me. I think it has to do with my love of tassels. The straw bag is such a summer staple, and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t purchase one sooner. Their’s can be turned from a clutch to an actual purse with the gold chain that comes with the bag. It’s a great length and I’ve already worn it both ways!

How cute and fun is that bag?? (Side note, please ignore my unpolished nails, I absolutely would have made them look all cute and nice, but sadly working in a hospital prevents me from being able to have polish on my nails.)

I also loved how the earrings matched the little pom poms on the bag. The team at Shop Peggy Green was kind enough to send me two pairs of earrings to try out and style and I ended up going with the turquoise ones, but they also sent me their Blue Striped Suki Earrings (shown below), which I believe are not available anymore, as they are no longer on the website. However, if you check out their accessories page on the website they have some similar earrings to both pairs I’ve featured on here today. I’ve also got my eye on the Harding Tassel Earrings which are actually on sale for $12.50!

The accessories from them just scream summer fun! And looking back, that is certainly what this summer has been full of. Recently, we went to the East side of the state to visit family and it was so wonderful. That’s actually where the adorable bike photo shown above is from! When we visited last, the water was a gorgeous blue-green and I was dying to jump in. My grandparents have a house on Lake St. Clair, which I know I’ve mentioned probably one hundred times before, but sadly we couldn’t head over there to swim that time. I’ll be making yet another trip out there soon, I believe, for my cousin’s baby’s first birthday party. I already know it’s going to be so cute!

Aside from work and visiting family, I’ve been doing some exploring around the west side of Michigan and found the yummiest food truck in the world!! It’s called The Maine Dish and is full of lobster creations. We talked with the owner for a bit who is originally from out East and she explained after moving here she wanted to show our “coast” what true East Coast food was like. It was delicious!! I had their lobster roll and would 10/10 recommend it. Of course, I was reminded of the Lobstah Roll Lilly print the whole time.

Before I conclude this blog post, I want to thank the team over at Shop Peggy Green for gifting this adorable August outfit! Fun little fact – Peggy’s sister is actually a Tri Delta! What a small world?? I already know I’ll be wearing that dress again this August and when school starts, and those fun accessories already have their own place in my closet and jewelry holders. I can’t wait to wear them again!

I hope everyone is savoring the last weeks of August, whether that’s at school, the beach, or at home!





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