National Sunglasses Day Inspo

Happy National Sunglasses Day🕶 

Recently, I’ve been wearing a more fun pair of sunglasses from Francesca’s. They’re inexpensive and play on the cat eye style that’s grown in popularity. I’m pretty sure that I linked the correct color, but there are lighter and darker shades that accompany that specific style so I could be a little off. Some other cat eye sunglasses, that are higher quality can be found here and here from Express (both under $30!!) and here for under $60 from Talbot’s. The pair of cat eye ones I have are so much fun and the first day I wore them, while shopping at some boutiques, I got so many compliments. I like buying a cheaper pair in a “wilder” style I’m not fully sure I can completely pull off, before taking the plunge and buying a higher quality and more costly pair right off the bat. It’s always smarter, in my opinion, to do this, because you don’t want to be dropping some serious cash on a pair of sunglasses you’ll later decide aren’t so flattering for your face shape. I think I’ll be purchasing a nicer pair soon, however!!

I remember being in early high school when aviators started making a big comeback. I for one, was a HUGE fan, because my mother always would tell me that I “looked like a bug” with the oversized sunglasses that were oh so popular in my middle school years. Aviators didn’t do that, thank God. Recently, on a trip to the beach, my beloved and very worn aviators (for the life of me, I can’t remember what brand they were) somehow fell of my tank top on the trail without me noticing and ended up becoming lost somewhere by Lake Michigan. I was so upset once we got to the beach and my sunglasses were no where to be found. They had served me well and now I can use this as an excuse to buy the Original Ray Ban Aviators for next summer. I  also really like this less expensive pair from Leith at Nordstrom, this slight more expensive pair from Quay, and this more expensive pair from Ray Ban as well.

Like I said before, back in the good ole days of middle school “bug-eyed” sunglasses were the ish. I still have a pair (although, it’s not the biggest one I had from back in the day), that I still like to pull out every once in a while. I’ll be honest, I have zero idea where they are from, but I think that they were Kenneth Cole. They’ve lasted quite a while and were better quality than what you would typically get from just purchasing a pair of cheap ones. Some oversize sunglasses still look really great on people and I like this pair from O by Oscar De La Renta and this more expensive pair from Marc Jacobs.

In my closet, I also have a couple of sunglasses that I got as freebies and swag from buying a certain amount from random stores like Moosejaw, which are perfect for hiking and when I’m somewhere where they could get broken, dirty, or lost. Honestly, I should have been wearing them the day I spent hiking at the beach when I lost my aviators, but there’s no use crying over lost sunglasses. (That’s how the saying goes, right??) I know my family has a couple of pairs from Waves Gear that actually float in the water. This company is so nice (I had the opportunity to work with them many years ago, when I started my first blog!) and their products are perfect for boating. Along with sunglasses that float, an accessory that I find super helpful to use when at the lake is CottonSnaps. I also partnered with them way back when I was in late middle school/early high school and I hadn’t even told some of my friends that I had made my own website!! I can’t say enough good things about this company. They are veteran owned and operated and work closely with Lone Star Paralyzed Veteran Association. I have a seersucker pattern that I don’t believe is sold anymore, but they have so many like it. This post isn’t sponsored by any of the above companies, but I just think that they’re brands you should definitely check out, especially if you’re a lake baby like myself!

I’m so excited to see all of the fun patterns and prints that come out in later seasons, and think that I want to expand my collection by adding more color and getting away from all of the neutral sunnies I already have.  With all things said and done, happy National Sunglasses Day and please remember to take care of your eyes this summer!!


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