Fourth of July Outfit Ideas

I absolutely love the 4th of July. The watermelon stacked so perfectly on red, white, and blue plates. The smell of fireworks and grilling in the air. The sounds of everyone laughing and enjoying the day. It’s seriously the best. While I’m not entirely sure what we have planned for the most American holiday just yet, I’m hoping that my friend Audrey is coming into town to spend it with us. Audrey’s previously spent a 4th with my family and it’s always a lot of fun. She’s been there for night swimming, sparklers, and a lot of ice cream eating. Typically, we have more family join us, but this year they sadly can’t attend due to a pregnancy due date. (I’m so excited to meet the newest addition!!!)

Now, my wardrobe consists of plenty shades of red, white, and blue, but I’ll be honest I still don’t fully know what I’ll be wearing. I have an old red swimsuit and American themed sorority tank top I will most likely bust out if I head to the lake, but aside from that I’m at a loss for ideas!! A structured blue romper?? A white and red embroidered top?? The possibilities are endless. I will probably go shopping in the next couple of days, and if not I know I’ll be able to scrounge up something from within the depths of my closet. The photo at the top is from the 4th of July two or three years ago. (If it is three, I’m gonna feel really old!!) I’ll be honest, because this photo is old I have zero idea where the tank top is from, that I am wearing in this photo, but I’ve found some slightly similar ones online here and here, both from Nordstrom. If you want a red bandana headband like I’m wearing, but don’t want to have to go to a store and get one, or don’t want to have to roll and tie an actual bandana, you can find some here from Forever 21 and here from Urban Outfitters for under ten dollars! It’s a great and simply way to make your 4th of July outfit stand out. Some other great accessories you might want to consider including in your outfit this year are some fun statement earrings like these from Kate Spade (they’re on sale!!) and these from Revolve, an All-American rope bracelet from KJP, or a cotton denim baseball cap that sports the American flag like this from Nordstrom. Now obviously from looking at the accessories I’ve just listed, I wouldn’t recommend wearing them all together at once, but depending on what you decided to wear this holiday, some of these could really compliment an outfit!! And although I’m not wearing it in the picture above, I think one of the BEST accessories for 4th of July is a red lipstick.

Below I’ve created some stoppable photos featuring some dresses for 4th festivities. I decided to do a nice mix of casual and a bit more dressed up, because I figured everyone’s plans were a little different. If you’re looking for a more refined dress for the 4th, I suggest Camilyn Beth. The dresses that I’ve seen from there look to be such high quality, are simply stunning, and best of all they are made in the USA!! What better way to celebrate??

When I was picking out dresses, I got to thinking. “Ya know, I feel like a lot of people are probably looking for more casual clothing to show their patriotism too.” So, I’ve decided to also included some tops that I think would be great for the 4th, especially if you’re not feeling like wearing a dress! I didn’t include pants, because I’m sure everyone has a pair of blue or white shorts lying in their closets. Massive props if you have a red pair too!
The 4th is quickly approaching and I’m hoping I gave you some good ideas on what you can wear this year, whether you’re going to a party on a boat or just your backyard barbecue. I’ll make sure to share what I end up wearing for the 4th in a later post, but until then I’ll have to get back to rummaging through my closet like Cher from Clueless while complaining I have nothing to wear. Yeah, I know you know what scene I’m talking about.

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