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I am in love with my luggage. There I said it. After I graduated high school, my mom and I both decided that it was time for me to step up my suitcase game. So long beloved hot pink suitcase that’s traveled everywhere from small sleepovers to Disney World to the Outerbanks of North Carolina and almost everywhere in between. After countless stores and online shopping I finally came across the luggage I had been searching for and essentially comparing every other piece to that we came across. I found the suitcases that seemed to scream, “Abby you’re an adult now. It’s time to jet set and have everyone else stare in awe of your sophisticated suitcases!!” Okay, so maybe I’m embellishing, but come on. The Diane Von Furstenberg Hardside Spinner Luggage Sets were adorable.

I only purchased 2/3 of the set, but as someone who has way too many bags already, I was more than okay with it. When picking out luggage, you should be looking for pieces to invest in. Good luggage should last a while, not just a couple of trips. I believe in quality over style when it comes to luggage, and I am extremely pleased with how this luggage has held up in moving to and from college and traveling to see friends and family.

It’s so adorable that I have it displayed in the center of my closet against the back walls. It’s classic and I am obsessed with the vintage trunk look that she created. I’ve gotten so many compliments on it and I love that it’s different from your standard colored soft material or hard shell suitcases.

As I stated above quality is something to look into when purchasing your luggage, but here are some other tips on picking the perfect set for yourself and extending the life of your luggage so you can ensure many more trips with your beloved bags.
  1. Buy Hardshell Luggage: Now this isn’t a rule or anything, but think about it. If you’re at the airport and you or someone else ends up spilling their Starbucks on your luggage – no one is going to be happy. But, if you had a hard shell case, at least you can board the plane calm, cool, and collected knowing that your clothing and everything inside is safe and not soaking in someones coffee.
  2. Invest Wisely: Luggage can be really pricey, there’s not getting around it. So if you’re gonna be dishing out the dough, get a set you really really like. And if you’re on the fence about spending more on your suitcases, try to keep in mind that the lifespan will most likely be longer with the more expensive luggage because of the quality of material. It WILL pay off in the long run! (That is if you’re nice to it and not letting it get all beat up!)
  3. Ziplock It: If you’re keeping toiletries inside of your luggage, make sure that you put it inside a Ziplock bag. That way if your favorite lotion or your Listerine somehow breaks or opens while traveling, everything else will be safe and dry on the inside. And this includes the lining of your luggage, which can sometimes be a fabric material.
  4. Check For A Set: A lot of times, luggage comes in sets, so if you’re looking to buy more than one piece. Don’t pick up two similar looking ones, but instead try and look for a similar piece online or at a different store. It’ll be easier to get your bags from the baggage claim and will just look a lot nicer overall.
  5. Lock It or Lose It: If your baggage doesn’t come with a luggage lock, buy one. I highly recommend this for people who are flying or using public transportation. You can purchase them at so many different places – just check and see if they sell travel accessories. You can get them in numerous styles ranging from designer to a cheap and simple one.

I love traveling and want to cross more places off of my bucket list this summer, so here’s hoping🤞





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