Grad Party Dresses

Ahhhh, grad party season. Where every person’s Facebook is exploding with invites to the newest class’s summer celebration and the grads are frantically searching Pinterest for how to make their party really stand out. Personally, I loved party hopping with my friends, eating all the food at each house, and seeing all of the photo collages people put up.

My own grad party was unbelievably fun. We had amazing food, my friends and family, outdoor games like volleyball and corn hole, and even a dunk tank. You read that right. A huge dunk tank, where are the end of the party my friends took turns “dunking the grad.” It was such a nice day, and I remember wishing it had lasted just a little longer so I could take it all in.

The dress I wore to my graduation party was a peach one from Dry Goods USA. I loved how flowy and comfortable it was. I even wore it under my cap and gown and to one round of sorority recruitment. (Versatility is key when buying clothes, friends!!) My dress is no longer available, but there is a very similar one available at Nordstrom Rack. I ended up wearing some boat shoes with it, because my heels were sinking into the ground! (Just Abby problems, I swear.) However, this made it so much easier for walking around and greeting everyone, which I loved. So I highly suggest that for going to grad parties, including your own, that comfy shoes are what don your feet. You don’t want to be thinking about how bad your feet hurt, when you should be enjoying everything going on around you.

Below I have included some great dresses that are fairly inexpensive and perfect for a graduation party, whether this be for your own party or for going to a friends.

And if you don’t have any grad parties to attend? Well, these dresses are still perfect for the summer!

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